Month: December 2014

Will Russia Survive Putin’s Adventurism?

To understand Ukraine and why Russia ventured into Ukraine under Putin, you have to understand a little bit of the history of the territory. The steppe on which Ukraine exists has been crossed, conquered and ruled by almost every major civilization on earth. Back in the 4th century, Kiev was the capital of what was then called Kievan-Rus. Yes, the precursor to Russia. Then in lies the reason that Russia is so adament about hanging onto Ukraine. To most Russians, Ukraine is nothing more than a breakaway territory. Comments to American Presidents and Western European leaders have said pretty much...

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What is going on with Silver?

Truly. What is going on with silver? Everything seems so confusing. Silver offers a unique mix of attributes of both precious and industrial metals. On one hand, silver has traditionally moved closely with gold, given the two metals’ historical use in monetary systems around the world. Yet, to a much greater extent than gold, silver has many industrial uses, and industrial demand gives silver a more concrete connection to the health of the global economy than gold. Dan Caplinger, The Motley Fool You would think that the combination of its industrial uses and precious metal status would keep it closer...

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Bitcoin’s Devastating Year…Or Was It?

If you look strictly at price, 2014 was indeed a devastating year for Bitcoin. It has ranged from a high of $1100+/BTC to $311/BTC at the time this post is being written. Bitcoins brought to light some concepts that weren’t considered before. It is, for instance, a decentralized currency that is based strictly on the market, thus it’s volatility this year. There are always early adopters, who have been the bulk of the investors and users of Bitcoin for most of its short history. However, that is beginning to change. What differentiates the crypto world, however, is that for...

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