Surrender Your Principles?

Surrender Your Principles?

Zuckerberg talks about "data privacy"

Erick Erickson penned an excellent article about standing by your principles. He was among the group of conservatives invited to Facebook for the face-to-face discussion over the allegations of censoring conservatives.

This past week, a group of conservatives were invited to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in California. Facebook scrambled to do damage control over a story that suggested conservatives were being censored on Facebook.

The specific allegation, made by one aggrieved self-identified conservative former Facebook employee, was that humans controlled the trending news section on Facebook and those humans were predominately liberals intentionally ignoring conservative news. On the basis of this one report, Facebook’s CEO summoned leading conservatives from around the country for a face-to-face meeting.

One of the sad results out of this invitation by Facebook was growing number of “conservatives” attending with agendas and demands for affirmative action type responses from Facebook.

It seems a growing number of conservatives decided they must embrace the same tactics of the left and turn into professional grievance mongers and shakedown artists. Just as Republicans fail to win elections by being Democrat-lite, conservatives are never going to beat liberals at their own game. But here they are, trying to do just that.

Is that just one of the complaints that conservatives have had against the liberals. Now, they want to resort to the same tactics as the liberals. In that case, what differentiates them beyond the end results they want to force on others who think differently?

Conservatives should be appalled at conservative leaders essentially demanding affirmative action policies for conservatives while otherwise opposing affirmative action. Facebook is only one recent example. The presidential election provides an even more outrageous example of conservatives abandoning their principles.

Conservatives who act like liberals will not beat liberalism and conservatives who surrender their principles in the name of team sport will soon lose everything.


As a “conservative”, what principles are you conserving when you start acting like the liberals? None that is visible to this author. It may not be the easy road. It may be a long, long road. If you let loose your principles, you lose. If you hold onto your principles out of your conviction that they are the correct principles, you will win (as the last sentence in the bible says).