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Were the gospel writers present during the time of Jesus?

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gospel writers investigation

J. Warner Wallace, a police detective in Torrance, California, wanted to prove whether or not the gospel writers were present during the time of Jesus.

In his effort to prove that Christian beliefs were nothing but myths, he proved begrudgingly to himself that indeed the gospel writers were present during the time of Jesus’ life on the earth.

Some Background

J.  Warner Wallace was the second generation of three generations to serve on the Torrance Police Department in California.  He was a staunch atheist who chided his friends and fellow officers who claimed to be Christians but couldn’t defend their faith.

At one point, he and his wife were thinking about starting their family. His wife, who was also not a believer, started thinking that it might be a good thing for the anticipated children to go to church. Well, because he loved his wife, he was willing to accompany her as long as he didn’t have to believe.

The first church that they attended was based on the recommendation of Christian friends.  The only thing that Jim got out of that Sunday’s sermon was that Jesus was the smartest man who ever lived. He was always interested in philosophical perspectives. And, if he could learn something from the “smartest man who ever lived,” he could use that to improve his life.

Detective Work Begins

So, he went out an bought a cheap bible that had the red letters for the things that Jesus said. Of course, you must read the surrounding text to get the context of what Jesus said. It soon became apparent to Jim that the Gospels were sounding like the eyewitness accounts that he studied on a day-to-day basis at work as a cold-case detective.

He figured that perhaps he should apply the same techniques he employed on cold cases to the Gospels to see if they stand the test of credibility that he could use in a court of law.

Jim says, “That the first test for the Gospels it seems to me we have to find out are the Gospels written early enough so that the people who say they wrote them could have been there to see what they say they saw make sense.”

The more he dug into it, the more obsessed he became in his spare time.

Investigating Gospel Writers

If you’d like to follow his journey through his investigation of the Gospels, you can do that by getting his book, Cold-Case Christianity.

cold-case christianity book

If you’d like to check out videos based on his book, check out the videos in this link.