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Which Occupation Is Most Frequently Claimed In The Panama Papers?

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Who made the most noise about the Panama papers? Who is the largest group of clients?

Panama Papers Farce

The farce of all the yelling and screaming by the OECD and G-20 “Pinocchios” over the Panama Papers.

With all the anti-one-percenter rhetoric and tax-evading-evil-doer narratives spewing forth from the mainstream media mouthpieces of the establishment since The Panama Papers were exposed for all to see, it may come as a surprise to some to find out which cohort of the elites are the most populous among the tax-haven-creating documents…
The Politicians!
Source: WikiData

Despite what politicians want us to believe, tax havens exist because some countries have been turned into tax hellholes by officials bent on “social justice” and “income redistribution.” Sometimes, those same politicians top the list of “offshore” account holders trying to evade taxes.
In all countries where there is a corrupt government, and where there is suspicion that it incurs in great expense and government revenue is improperly used, very often these laws that protect contributions are little respected.  


Panama Papers Graph Speaks For Itself

Didn’t even really need to curate any of the comments above, I just did want to leave the page blank after the graphic image. It says it all!

Enough said.