Political Life Is Tough

Political Life Is Tough

Political Life Is Tough

Well, at least according to Hillary, political life is tough after being in office. She had to get used to not being treated like a queen. After all, she and Bill only get multiple 6-figures per speaking engagement. You realize, of course, that of that money goes to a charity, the Clinton Foundation operated by Chelsea.

Now…just in case you aren’t feeling sorry for them yet, here’s just a few other requirements you need to cover if you want Hillary to speak at your event:

  • Round-trip transportation on a Gulfstream 450 or larger privately chartered jet, plus round-trip  business class travel for two advance staffers who will arrive up to three days in advance
  • Hotel accommodations picked by Hillary’s staff, presidential suites only, including 3 adjoining rooms for her traveling aides and up to 2 additional rooms for the advanced staff
  • $500 travel stipend for Hillary’s lead travel aide for incidentals
  • Meals and incidentals for Hillary, her travel aides, advance staff, as well as all telephone charges
  • Final approval of all moderators or introducers

And for all of this you get:

  • Hillary’s insistence on control of all details and logistics at the event
  • Hillary being the only person on the stage
  • Only 90 minutes of her time at the event
  • A maximum of 50 photos, with a maximum of 100 people
  • No press coverage, or audio- or video-recordings

Oh…and let’s not forget their retirement, office staff, security details, expenses for the rest of their lives because of the lofty positions they reached.

Now, I know you’re really feeling sorry for the Clintons. I mean, they really can relate to the average person in America, who makes $44,000 per year.

Political life is tough! Right?